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The Embers are Ready to Melt the Ice!

POSTED BY EmbersGG December 18, 2018
The Pittsburgh Embers are excited to announce the first team to join our family with the signing of our EA Sports NHL 19 competitive team! With hockey being a staple sport in Pittsburgh, we couldn’t think of a better game to start with and we are excited to see the growth and entertainment value it can offer heading into 2019.

Our entirely Pittsburgh, PA based team consisting of Richard “Rickchel” Sherman, Nick “NickNasty” Kiger, Jacob “McCelly” McClelland, Brian “BryFy” Fyola, and Josh “Millzzy” Miller will be competing in every facet of competitive NHL 19 including Versus, 3s, and 6s. As a team containing both veterans and up and coming challengers, we are ready to take on NHL 19’s finest while flying the Embers flag!

Our starting lineups for each game mode are as follows:

6s lineup:
Center – NickNasty
Right Winger – McCelly
Left Winger/Defense – RickChel
Defense – BryFy
Goalie – Millzzy

3s lineup:
Center – NickNasty
Winger – McCelly
Defense – RickChel
Goalie – Millzzy or BryFy

Versus lineup:
Primary – RickChel
Secondary – BryFy

For more action, be sure to follow us and our team on social media! #BringTheHeat 🔥

Pittsburgh Embers social media:

EA Sports NHL 19 team social media:
Richard “Rickchel” Sherman

Nick “NickNasty” Kiger

Jacob “McCelly” McClelland

Brian “BryFy” Fyola

Josh “Millzzy” Miller