Embers Rocket League: Demon Released

POSTED BY EmbersGG April 26, 2019

After investigation of recent events and discussions with Santiago “Demon” Prada, Pittsburgh Embers has decided to release Demon effective immediately. Pittsburgh Embers does not condone the behavior of Demon and his recent actions do not reflect the opinions or values of Pittsburgh Embers. Psyonix announced late yesterday that they have made the decision to issue a formal ban to Demon through the end of 2019. Demon’s actions and conduct are clearly indefensible and reprehensible. Pittsburgh Embers supports Psyonix in its application of the rules to keep community conduct appropriate.

For the remainder of the current Rocket League Rival Series season Kai “Kai99jr” Jochems will join Gianluca “Sosa” Petrozza and William “Grills” Nadeau as part of the starting roster for Pittsburgh Embers.