The members of the Pittsburgh Embers R6 roster have provided notice as of September 2nd, 2019 of their intent to separate from the Pittsburgh Embers and join another esports organization. We want to make it clear that the initial term of our agreements with the players was for a period beginning on May 31st, 2019 and ending fourteen days after the completion of the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 11 or on May 31st, 2020, whichever occurred first, with automatic renewal for one additional year.

After the team’s recent success, the players approached us about revising their current agreements. The Pittsburgh Embers attempted to work with the players in good faith to make amendments to the agreements for the benefit of the players. It is important to note that we had no obligation to amend the agreements, but we still proposed changes to better support the players. Ultimately, the players chose to ignore the formal proposal for changes and opted instead to breach their agreements by separating from the organization without grounds.

In esports, as in other industries, contracts are negotiated based upon perceived value and opportunity at the time of negotiation. The players signed our contract offer after mutual agreement about the team’s current value with provisions to address future agreed upon value. We have upheld every clause to the letter within our agreements and we are saddened that a team of professional players is failing to do the same.

Although it is our hope that the players can continue their success in R6, we have placed the players on notice that we are not releasing their existing agreements. Our agreements are legally binding, and we will pursue all action to ensure that they are enforced. We appreciate all the support that has been provided to us by the R6 community in recent months and we are saddened that our fans will no longer have a team to support in the upcoming Challenger League. We owe it to you to hold the players accountable for their actions and we will continue to update you should we deem it necessary and appropriate.